Laser Dentistry

laserDentDr. Chavez has been described time and again as a true professional in his field and he takes great pride in being able to utilize the latest in dental technology. Using advanced techniques, such as laser dentistry, Dr. Chavez is able to provide patients with the treatment they need, while keeping their comfort top of mind. He and his team take a truly scientific approach to care, allowing them to provide progressive treatments, while still maintaining a sense of warmth and compassion.

Trust that our expertise in dentistry and our passion for patients will result in dental care you can trust.

At Lancaster Dental, we utilize the advanced technology of the EPIC™ diode laser, specifically designed for soft tissue surgery, whitening and pain therapy. If it’s discovered that laser dentistry is the ideal treatment for you, our knowledgeable team will begin by explaining the entire process so you know just what to expect. Dr. Chavez and our staff are always open and honest about treatment plans and will fully outline the steps, cost and health benefits involved. While performing any of these procedures, it is our goal to keep you feeling comfortable while providing expert dental care.

Benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Increased comfort during procedures
  • Less damage to surrounding areas
  • Quickened healing time
  • Teeth whitening in just 20 minutes!

During your initial appointment with Dr. Chavez, he will get to know you as a patient and as a person, allowing him to truly understand your dental needs. He will take the time to see if laser dentistry is the right fit for you and your smile.